Robert Pattinson decided to get rid of the house in which he lived with Stewart

Robert Pattinson decided to get rid of the house in which he lived with StewartRobert Pattinson has decided to sell the house in Los Angeles, where he lived with Kristen Stewart.Obviously, when Robert on Jimmy Kimmel joked that he's homeless, this joke was the truth. The actor decided to get rid of purchased in 2011 at home in the town of Los Feliz. As they say, in this mansion "too many memories", from which Robert would like to get rid of. Before a house worth $ 6.3 million belonged to the star of the TV series "er" Noah Wylie.Contrary to expectations, after a controversial apology for Kristen relationship with Rupert Sanders, Robert didn't hate her, "Rob doesn't hate her and not be angry... He just doesn't understand why she did it. He loves her and thinks about her constantly". Читать полностью -->

Paulo Coelho has released a novel about Jerusalem

Paulo Coelho has released a novel about JerusalemA new novel by Paulo Coelho called "the Manuscript found in Accra" arrived in bookstores in Brazil. The action of the book takes place in Jerusalem on the eve of the capture of the city by the crusaders in 1099.According to Coelho, is "not a historical work, and not science fiction." "The novel is based on values, and values are not a fantasy, the values pass through the times," said the writer. "True knowledge lies in the stories of past love and experienced losses in the crisis moments in the daily coexistence with the inevitable death" - that is, according to the author, the key phrase of the book.The novel was published the first edition of 100 thousand copies, which can be considered modest for the writer, well established in the title of the most commercially successful Portuguese-speaking writer. However, given that Coelho 13.5 million followers in online social networks - even if only one in five of them will buy "Manuscript", the novel will hit the bestseller lists, ITAR-TASS reported. Apparently, so the publishers decided not to accompany the publication of the advertisement.At the time, the huge popularity of Coelho brought the novel "the Alchemist", since the author of the book fascinate millions of women prone to lyric poetry and mysticism, worldwide. Works pistle published in more than 150 countries in 73 languages with a total circulation of more than 140 million copies. Читать полностью -->

`Ghostbusters 3` has received a new script

`Ghostbusters 3` has received a new scriptThe script of the film "Ghostbusters 3" will be subjected to a total revision. This was told in an interview to share WIVD project producer Dan Aykroyd."We have a new team of writers. The story should be perfect. We are not going to make a film otherwise", he said.Previously it was stated that the protagonist of the film "Ghostbusters 3" will be Oscar, the son of the characters of bill Murray and Sigourney weaver, which in the second part of the film was about five years old. He will lead a new group of hunters who will learn from well-known veterans.As for bill Murray, he has repeatedly said that to agree to star in the film if his character will be killed in his first episodes. Source: "Ghostbusters 3" has received a new script. Читать полностью -->

Gelman decided to close the controversial exhibition at `the Brewery`

Gelman decided to close the controversial exhibition at `the Brewery`The exhibition "Spiritual warfare", in fact the organization to which the Investigation Committee conducts a review on the subject of extremism, will close at the Gelman Gallery on Friday, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the press service of the Moscow "Winery", where the gallery is located."The exhibition will close on 5 October, as stated in the letter from the Gallery Gelman sent to the leadership of the "Winery" - said the source Agency.The exhibition, which began its work on 20 September, presents ten works of Yevgenia Maltseva. Image on some of them refer to images of members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot.- While the Duma passed a law on insulting the believers, Orthodox activists "tried on" the gallery owner Gelman's article "Extremism". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Peter Fomenko carried out by applause

Peter Fomenko carried out by applause Thousands of people came to the theatre "Peter Fomenko's Workshop" to say goodbye to one of the most well-known and respected contemporary Directors. People's artist of Russia died August 9, in his 81st year of life.The ceremony began at 9am, with the first master said goodbye to his family, friends and employees of the theater, and then began to let ordinary viewers. For almost four hours people were almost endless stream, carrying flowers, many could not hold back the tears. Now the audience is sitting on the stairs, standing in the aisles.Opened a civil funeral Director Evgeny chief, student Fomenko, who works in his "Workshop". He recalled that Pyotr Naumovich never loved any birthdays or anniversaries. "We agreed to meet in September to discuss plans for the future, and that we had to meet now," said the Director. Читать полностью -->

Gwen Stefani appeared on the cover of Elle magazine

Gwen Stefani appeared on the cover of Elle magazine American singer Gwen Stefani has starred in a new stylish photo shoot for the October issue of British Elle magazine.On the cover of a glossy magazine 42-year-old pop singer appeared in a splendid dress with floral print from McQ. In an interview with Elle, Gwen touched on the topic of motherhood, admitting that being a mother is difficult, but at the same time pleasantly:"It's hard work," says the star, " But at the same time, I can not imagine my life without my kids!". Source: Gwen Stefani appeared on the cover of Elle magazine . . . . Читать полностью -->

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